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Access Control

Intercoms, Keypads, Push buttons and more.

Access control is vital to getting the most out of your gate system, you can have a simple control system or full control for maximum security the choice is all down to you. We offer all access control choices for domestic and commercial premises, multi-user door access control or for a single dwelling.

Access control includes:

GSM intercom


GSM intercoms: A wireless system that uses mobile phone technology, it allows you to speak and open your gate from anywhere even if you are out.

Camera Hardwired Intercom

Hardwire Intercoms

A cable laid back to a fixed handset, these intercoms can come in audio or video intercoms with a choice of a handset or screen.


We offer an excellent range of keypads to custom your design and location. Using a 4–6-digit pin code to give to your trusted members to let themselves use the gate system. Use one or more codes or time the keypad to only use at certain times of the day.


Timers are a great tool for access control, it gives you the ability to open your gates all day and close at night, or it gives you the option to turn off pushbuttons or car induction loops at evening, so you have full security when you choose.

Car Induction Loops

Car induction loops sense when a car passes over and will trigger the gate to open, useful and hassle free to use when approaching the gate. This will require a cable to be placed in the middle of the driveway, located in a prime approaching location

Push Buttons

Can be placed for convenience or hidden out the way, a push button is a great and a simple way to operate the gates.

Key switches

Key switched are great for overriding capability of a gate system, to keep the gate open or closed. The operator with the key has the control. Whether you want to keep the gate open all day for busy traffic or keep gates open to allow workmen to work in and around your property without being locked out.

Other Access Systems

Other Access control systems include:

· Proximity readers

· Opening beam sensers

· Number plate recognition

· Home integration

If you would like to discuss what will work best for you.

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