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Gate Safety

Automatic and electric gates are great at adding security, value and a protective screen for the outside word but they can potentially dangerous if not maintained or installed correctly.

There have been several cases of people being trapped and injured or killed by incorrectly installed gates. Children are at particular risk.

Electric gates should only be installed by qualified engineers that fit all systems to comply with current safety regulations. All electric and automatic gates must have an annual safety inspection and for commercial and multi-residential properties the inspection should be every 6 months.

At Evogate Automation we’re proud to be up to date with current regulations and ensure to provide the highest possible safety standards for customer peace of mind.

Safety Equipment

Here are the safety controls we use depending on your site location and environmental factors.


Most new automatic gate installations use photocells. These are set opposite to each other, on either side of your driveway. An infra-red beam is sent from the transmitter photocell to the receiver photocell, and if the beam is broken by an obstacle the gate stops closing.

Safety Edges

Safety edges (or rib edges) guard against crushing and shearing – they are used on swing gates and barriers, causing them to stop and reverse if an obstacle is detected

Safety Loops

Safety Loops are the same as access ground loops but instead of triggering a gate command it acts like a photocell and sends a obstruction sign to the circuitboard.

Emergency Stop button

A fail-safe control switch that provides safety both for the machinery and for the person using the gate system, and will stop the gate system immediately.

Force Control

Gates that open and close with too much force can be dangerous, and their motors will wear out more quickly. Gate installations calibrate the motors with force parameters built within the circuitboard  and set to ensure that the force exerted by the gate’s motors is sufficient to close the gate and no greater

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