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Electric gates like any other machines need to be monitored and maintained, ongoing services are a proven way to prolong your systems longevity. Gates throughout the year get tested by extreme cold weather, heavy rain and strong winds. All of this will impact your gate system and create wear and tear.

We work on all major manufactures including Came, Faac, Bft, Beninca, Nice,  Roger and many more. We are highly trained in all access control brands and intercoms.

Evo Gate offer excellent servicing to help identify future issues, while making sure system run at its best and ensure it complies with safety regulations.

We offer annual servicing and one-off services to all systems installed by Evo Gate or by other companies, for peace of mind or if you think your system is not running efficiently.

If we find any future or safety concern during the service, we will make you aware of the repairs or safety upgrades and supply a free quote for the additional work.

You are not under any obligation to carry out the additional works, anticipation of future problems should prevent system failure and safety concerns for peace of mind.

Came,Faac, Beninca, BFT, Nice, DEA, SEA, Videx, AES, Telguard, RING